Winter session starts Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Don't miss it!

Meet the Instructor

Katie Logan

Katie Logan, a South Fayette resident and former music teacher at SF Middle School, has been leading fitness classes since she was 15 years old. Combining her two passions of fitness and music, she has created challenging, but fun workouts for people of all ages, levels, and abilities. She makes every session unique; you will never see the exact same workout twice!  Katie has created a non-intimidating environment where everyone feels accepted but pushed to work at their personal best. From couch potatoes to marathon runners, Katie meets you where you are to help you achieve your goals.  Beginner, intermediate, and advanced options are given at each class to fit individual needs so participants can workout in a safe but challenging environment. You will be be sore, you will get stronger, and you will have fun! 

About Us

Why choose sfBFITness?


Are you an athlete looking to cross train and add something different to your workout?   Are you a soccer mom who wants to do something for herself while getting fit and having fun?  Are you stuck in a rut doing the same workout routine but not sure where to go?  Are you intimidated by the big box gyms and boutiques and are looking for something in between?  Since its inception in 2015, sfBFITness has been a place where people come to blast fat, increase their metabolism and energy, sculpt their bodies, and feel a sense of community. Let's face it.  Workouts can get stale.  At sfBFITness, we continually challenge ourselves to introduce new elements in our classes so that our workouts evolve, not stagnate.   We would love to be part of your fitness journey.    Drop in anytime and see what sfBFITness is all about.  This is open invitation to join us and B FIT! 

Unique class formats


No two classes are ever the same.  We use equipment like the kettlebell, handweights, fitness sticks, resistance bands, and sliders to make each workout challenging but fun! 

Ample workout space


Ever take a class where you feel like you're on top of the person next to you?!  You will never have a shortage of space to spread out in the Cuddy Firehall (pictured here) or Holy Child Gymnasium where we do our Barre classes or Bianco Pride Cheer Gym where we do our specialty classes.  Focus on getting your best workout, not fighting for personal space.