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"I truly love it...I love Katie's encouragement and enthusiasm throughout the entire class."

I can't make it to Katie's class every week, but when I do, I truly love it.  Katie greets everyone with a smile and takes time to speak to everyone individually before the class begins.  I love Katie's encouragement and enthusiasm thoughout the entire class.  Katie mixes up the routines so that the workout feels fresh, and adds new twists (such as fitness sticks) to keep the workout fun. I always feel so much better about myself after one of Katie's classes and can't wait until I can go back to see Katie's smiling face and get a great workout.  -Jane V.

"I have not been to a chiropractor in 2 years!"

I was in chronic back pain for decades due to poor posture, car accident, pregnancies, and working in the preschool population. I spent decades having regular chiropractic treatments. I began kettlebell classes with Katie and after 6 months, I no longer felt the back pain. I have not been to a chiropractor in 2 years! -Jody L.

"You never know what to expect."

I love going to Katie's class because you never know what to expect.  Each class is different and she introduces new things to try all the time.  Each time she pushes a little harder.  And I feel like she's one of us.  She lives the same life I do and can make herself exercise.  If she can do it, so can I.  -Candace A.

"My stamina is better, and my body is toned."

I’d been wanting to try kettlebell for quite some time.  I was very lucky to come across the class offering in a South Fayette Magazine in 2015.  I signed up and attended Katie’s original class, and I’ve been attending ever since!  Katie’s classes have something for everyone, and she makes sure the hour of class offers a total body workout.  My stamina is better, and my body is toned.  I recommend giving any of her class offerings a try!  -Mary S.

"Katie's vast fitness knowledge, energy level and innovative training methods keeps you interested."

I have exercised at a gym since 1998 and, I must admit, that training with Katie is my favorite time. From cardio to body sculpting to kettlebell to stretching, Katie offers a complete body workout. Whether you are just beginning or for those more advanced, Katie will instruct you and demonstrate ways to modify an exercise to match your level of training. Katie’s vast fitness knowledge, energy level and innovative training methods keeps you interested and coming back for more.  I have made many wonderful friends from the workouts.  -Bob W.

"Highly recommended!"

So everyone wants to see results when they exercise,  I have seen them taking Kate's classes.  She makes them fun and gives modifications to meet everyone's needs. Highly Recommended!! -Annie D.

More Testimonials

"You will not be disappointed!"

The SF community is so lucky to have access to fitness classes taught by Katie Logan. Katie's years of experience as an instructor, expertise, and passion for teaching are evident in every class.  Each class is crafted to provide a challenging workout for people of varying fitness levels and abilities.  Katie regularly modifies the workouts to keep them exciting. I have been participating in Katie's kettlebell and cardio kickboxing classes over the course of the last 3 years and we have rarely, if ever, completed the same workout. Above and beyond helping participants achieve their fitness goals, Katie has created a positive environment in which people can work toward their goals. The camaraderie in the class is an added bonus on top of the challenging, full-body workout that is offered. For anyone looking to jump start their fitness routine, or add something new to their existing routine, consider trying one of Katie's classes. You will not be disappointed!  -Lori T.

"I haven't looked back since."

I used to say, "I don't do exercises classes." STRONG! That's how I felt after my first kettlebell class with Katie. I haven't looked back since.  - Liz S.

"Katie makes it challenging and works all muscle groups."

I really enjoy kettlebell class.  Katie makes it challenging and works all muscle groups.  She also makes it very fun by changing the workout each class.       -Cara S.