Winter session starts Tuesday, January 7, 2020. Don't miss it!

Class Formats



A total body workout you just can't get enough of! One hour of cardio and strength training using the kettlebell. No fancy choreography. Just an intense workout geared for all levels of fitness. Use this unique piece of equipment to sculpt and tone your entire body safely while blasting fat!  Our average kettlebell class burns between 650 and 800 calories!  Read the FAQ's to find out more about the benefits of kettlebell training.  Kettlebell class is offered on Tuesday's and Wednesdays. Visit the Calendar page to see times and locations near you.

HIIT the Bell


30 minutes of HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) followed by 30 minutes of strength training using the kettlebell. This class is designed for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced and will be sure to make you sweat!   HIIT the Bell class is offered every other Wednesday night.  Visit the Calendar page to see times and locations near you.

Cardio Blast & Sculpt


Time will fly in this one of a kind workout! Cardio kickboxing mixed with intervals of strength training using dumbbells. Then keep the cardio going with our newest toy: Fitness Sticks! You'll be sweating in no time and won't want the class to end! This workout is ONE word: FUN!  Cardio Blast & Sculpt is offered Thursday mornings.  Visit the Calendar page to see times and locations near you.

Barre Fitness

What's Barre

Introducing our newest workout!  Join our certified American Barre Technique instructor in a workout that strengthens and stretches your body.  The 50 minutes will fly by.  Perfect for all ages and abilities.  

What do I bring?

Bring a mat and optional light weights.  

Why Barre?

Treat yourself to a workout that leaves you feeling longer, leaner, and invigorated to go on with your day.